There are always some traders who contact us for trading signal service.
We fully understand their passion for trading,
However, it should be a conflict with our managed account service, also it will be unfair to our investors.

There are thousands of signal providers around the world.
We do not want to say much about them.

Among which, we highly recommend the Trading Signal service from 3C Analysis.
Their signals are clear, tradable, and profitable.

Although their site looks quite simple, they are professional traders indeed, not web builders.

The price is 99 GBP for USD Majors.

You can directly subscribe from their site.

If you subscribe on our site, the price can be 20% discounted as 79 GBP for USD Majors every month. (will be valid from 04 Jan 2022)
After your payment, we'll inform 3C Analysis to directly contact you.

By the traders, For the traders. It is exactly what we are always chasing.
We'll recommend the best product to the traders according to our knowledge.