2021 is a year of rapid development of TendencyForex. The total investment reached $5.3M at the end of the year. Thanks so much for the great trust from our business partners.

At the same time, more and more traders wanted to join us for fund management.
Trading is an art, There are no immutable physical laws in finance. No E = mc². No mathematical certainties. We welcome all the experienced traders to join our team and start our long-term win-win collaboration. Therefore, we launch "Tendency Select" program looking for External Fund Manager.

"Tendency Select" is a funding program for all Experienced Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stock, Commodity Traders as a quick path to External Fund Manager. It's 100% free to join. In 2022, We'll arrange a fixed 30% of the total investment into "Tendency Select" program.

No Evaluation fee.
No Activation fee.
No Initial deposit to activate your Allocation.

The highest AUM to one trader is $350k, 30% net profit as performance fee.
Even you have a negative performance in trading our funds, we'll cover all your losses!

1. Application:
You need to provide:
A. Your Bio in learning and practicing of trading
B. Trading Symbol: All tradable Symbols, including Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks/Stock Indices, Commodities
C. Track record verified by 3rd party, no matter win or loss
D. Core trading logic for manual traders
E. Core trading logic and backtest report for EA traders
F. Min Required Balance to run your strategy
G. Risk control and expected yearly return.
H. A summary of your track record.
I. Please send all the data to support@tendencyforex.cc

If the key logic is reasonable, a good performance can be expected, although some small frustration is inevitable.
If the key logic is not reasonable, any good performance may be randomly and may not be duplicated in the future.
Thus your track record does not need to be positive, what we care about more is your key logic.

2. Initial evaluation period: it will be 2-5 business days.
We'll let you know the result thereafter.

3. Evaluation period:
A. Evaluated Account setup:
Please open a new account in Swissquote Bank SA (FINMA, 1:50 Leverage) or Errante Securities ( Cysec Regulated Entity,1:30 Leverage ) or Errante Securities ( FSA Regulated Entity, 1:500 Leverage ).
After all, there are too many scams in the market, we have to be cautious.
You should trade in our Broker partners for a certain period to further verify your trading ability.
As we do not charge a penny to you during the whole progress, we think it's quite fair to both of us.
B. Deposit:
Please Fund your account with 3X Min Required Balance of your strategy, for example, if the Min Required Balance to run your strategy is $1000, then you need to fund $3000 in your account.
You need to work under moderate pressure with your own fund.
Then please tell us your account number and investor password.
C. Trading Summary and plan:
Every four weeks, please send us the summary of your trading, trading plan for the next period.
D. Performance:
No need to keep your performance positive during the Evaluation Period.
Trading is an art, not gambling with each other.
We believe even the most experienced professional traders can not guarantee to win during a certain period, but you need to tell us why you win and/or why you lose and how to improve it.
E. Drawdown control:
No need to control the DD during the Evaluation Period.
Please just trade in your preferred style, but you need to have a clear risk control method.

Unlike most traders, we have different concepts about DD control.
Being a trader, how to use your knowledge to maximize your fund's utility is what you should do, not simply control the DD.
The best method to keep DD as zero is to keep the position flat.
However, we still need to find a balance point between risk control and account performance for the investors' fund, which can increase their confidence gradually.
F. The Evaluation period is 3 months.
We'll let you know whether you pass the evaluation period.

4. Collaboration period:
A. Once you pass the Evaluation period, you'll be funded with 100-200 X the Min Required Balance which to run your strategy at the first 6 months of the collaboration period.
For example, if Min Required Balance to run your strategy is $1000, and we assume you passed the Evaluation period, you'll be funded $100k to 200k at the first 6 months of the collaboration period.

B. The Drawdown in the collaboration period should be controlled below 30%.
The performance fee is 35% on high water mark basis.

C. Your AUM will be re-assessed every 6 months. The highest is $350k to one trader.

D. Even you have a negative performance in this period, we'll cover all your losses!
Because we evaluate your work, we'll take the corresponding risks ourselves and have nothing to do with you.
Just like our own employees, it is impossible to pay for their own trading losses.

E. However, during the collaboration period, you need to send us your trading plan and summary every 2 weeks.

Attitude Is Everything. We believe planning, summary, and reflection are the best way for traders to improve their performance.

If you think you need trading signal service, we highly recommend 3C Analysis.
If you think you need further education, we highly recommend UK STA ( Society of Technical Analysts ).

All in all, we hope all the traders succeed.

By the traders, for the traders.

It's exactly what we are chasing forever.